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60% of media workers report high levels of anxiety
1 in 5 report signs of depression
Levels of post-traumatic stress disorder and burnout are on the rise

Tackling mental health in the media is an urgent issue

Source: data from Canada, Ecuador and Spain (2022)

Our nonprofit is here to support the media ecosystem
This is how:


We are your partner to improve mental health in your company or community. We assess your needs, provide solutions that instigate positive change and team cohesion, and support you to implement a winning strategy to create an enabling environment for well-being at work.


Working in a healthier and more sustainable way is possible. Our workshops are practical, evidence-based and delivered by certified trainers with experience in the media industry. We can facilitate one-off inspirational sessions or longer programmes for diverse communities and professionals.

Online Courses

Our Academy hosts 100+ short videos and learning materials, in English and Spanish, on stress management, productivity, emotional regulation and digital wellness. 

Coaching & Facilitation

We facilitate meaningful and practical conversations about mental health such as one-on-one coaching with certified professionals, uncomfortable conversations, as well as circles of care. These reduce stigma about mental health and build psychological safety in the workplace.

Since 2020:

journalists and editors reached with our trainings
one-on-one coaching sessions provided
media professionals receive our newsletters

We work with a holistic and preventive approach

We're journalists and certified trainers

Our team is global and multilingual

Proudly working with:

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What they say about us

The Self-Investigation is an essential tool for today’s journalists to be able to cope with toxic digital environments (...) and to look into themselves and their mental and physical health.
Carla Minet
Executive Director, Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (Puerto Rico)
I really appreciated the boundary setting exercises (...) making sure you are setting boundaries both for yourself and your colleagues, with your supervisors and the people you supervise.
Jonah Newman
Editor, Injustice Watch (USA)
I had a coaching session and for me that was an eye opener. I learned how to be more myself, figure out what is holding me back (...) and how to draw the line on certain issues.
Carol Beyanga
Head of Partnership and Monetisation, Monitor Publications Limited (Uganda)
It's really important for journalists to learn about stress management tools and techniques and also to learn about their stress triggers. In my opinion, if you don’t learn about it beforehand, you will learn about it one way or another, but it might just be a little too late.
Carolyn Thompson
Freelance Data Journalist (Germany)